Frightfully Delightful


6C41FA91-DF12-4EA2-A113-78CCB7699DC6It’s finally time to start decorating for Halloween!!  I love to decorate for each season/holiday, so I try to buy one or two nice new pieces each year.  Then I visit Dollar Tree and add more, cheaper, embellishments!  Seriously, their floral department may not look spectacular in the store but you can add and take apart and turn them into beautiful arrangements!  There are even Facebook pages and groups dedicated to Dollar Tree Hauls!!


The past few years I have done the same set-up with my Halloween Decor, but this year I decided to mix it up! It turned out fa-BOO-lous!!

Vinyl Bats on the walls are a simple addition. They peel and stick and do not mess your walls up when it’s time to take them off.  I bought these at Target.  You can save the package and stick them back to use for 2-3 years!

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