Let’s Talk about Dating


“Love your Spouse more than you love your possessions, career, hobbies and money.  The other stuff can’t love you back ~davewillis


Why do we stop dating after the fairytale wedding has come and gone? When the mundane life starts up, the courting falls to the wayside.  Sure, during the honeymoon phase we still date, but then life happens, and the dates become fewer and further apart.  Then, most likely, the first Bambino comes along, and then a year later you look back and realize you can’t remember the last time you and the spouse have been on a date.  And NO…Grocery Store runs just the two of you do not count as a date!!

I remember being pregnant with our first little, he was due any day so my hormones were cRaZy!  The Beau and I were laying in bed and I was sobbing about the unknown changes that we were about to face.  I made him promise, no swear, to me that we would always make time for dates, that we would not be that couple that lost ourselves after the baby was born.  But then our little was born and dates were long forgotten about.  Three years later, and dates that amounted to probably a handful, I became pregnant with bambino #2.  Dates were the last thing on our minds.  Now Little #2 is just shy of her first birthday and again, we have had maybe three dates since she was born.  So last month, the Hubs and I sat down and had a really long talk; we decided that in this season of life, we will make the time to do AT LEAST ONE date night a month.  

We schedule the date night a month in advance, and then schedule a backup date night, because let’s be realistic, something always comes up and we end up not rescheduling.  

Be creative, if you do not have the money or time have date nights in.  There is absolutely no excuse for not having a date night with your spouse at least once a month!  The point is communication and connection!  Here are a few date night ideas, be creative, most of these you can have at home or out on the town!

Date Night Ideas

  1. Play Cards by Candlelight
  2. Have a Picnic, inside and/or outside
  3. Go Fishing– the Beau would love this
  4. Put the kids to bed and Make your favorite dinner together
  5. Have a dessert date
  6. Go Bowling or Skating
  7. Take dance classes together: Ballroom, Salsa, etc
  8. Go to Dinner and a Movie
  9. **Plan a Weekend Trip Away***
  10. Stargazing in your backyard or the back of a pickup truck
  11. Play video games
  12. Go Beer Tasting or Wine Tasting
  13. Play Board Games, except Monopoly, men always cheat at Monopoly!! 🙂
  14. Sip Champagne by the fireplace 
  15. TV Marathon, watch a complete series after the kids are asleep, because we all know kids have run of the TV during the day!
  16. Painting or Pottery Class
  17. Go out to Dinner at a new Restaurant you have never been to
  18. Have a Spa Night at Home
  19. Go through old photos or videos of your younger years as a couple
  20. Create a Treasure Hunt for your spouse with a Surprise at the end!
  21. Create a Couples Bucket List 
  22. Make-out on the Couch–Kissing in the first thing to go in a relationship!
  23. Slow Dance Together in your Living Room
  24. Go Camping…In a Tent, Campfire, S’mores and Snuggles
  25. Learn something new together: A new language, sport, etc


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