Making a House a Home


Many women do not realize that homemaking is so much more than just keeping a clean house.

By Definition, Homemaking is the “creation and management of a home, especially as a pleasant place in which to live.”

Is it just me, or is that not beautiful if you really take the time to think about it?


Today, Homemaking is considered out of date, but to me, homemaking is a picturesque word. I love being the maker of my home, helping my family feel loved and comforted. Anyone can maintain a clean house, but not everyone bothers to make a HOME for their family.

Now, to be completely honest, I didn’t always feel like this. Growing up I was very strong willed. No man was going to “rule” me. I didn’t want to be a SAHM. I wanted to climb the corporate ladder. So I worked hard attending college and made it in to the Business world.


But then something changed, I married my best friend and we had two beautiful children. And now, I would love to be that stay-at-home homemaker that I cringed at for so many years. Even though I do work a fulltime job, I still consider myself a homemaker. Just not in the traditional, 1950’s since. I believe all women are considered homemakers.


Homemaking is something that materializes when we realize how significant our home is in our lives. It ensues when we purposefully make our home a safe place to be, a place for learning, a playground for our children, and a loving place to be together. I truly feel it is essential to make the time to bring the roles of homemaking alive in your family’s life. Someone, YOU, has to make your household a home!


I want my husband and children to love being at home in the sanctuary I have created for them, a safe place to be. Homemaking is a true passion of mine, and I hope that soon it will be a passion of yours! So, what are the main goals of a Homemaker? Below are just a few of the significant concepts I believe make a genuine Homemaker…

  • Create a clean, comfortable, cheerful and beautiful home
  • Show pride in being a Wife and Mother
  • When your family is home make it as peaceful as possible
  • Provide your family with healthy and delicious meals
  • Handle the family Finances as frugally as possible
  • Show pride in your home and in your appearance


Homemaking is the topic that inspired me to create this blog, so I hope you join me on this journey. I hope to inspire you to create a beautiful home for your family. I hope to teach you tips and trick to keeping a clean home, getting organized and decreasing the clutter in your life.


Strive to make your home a place of rest, the world outside is hectic; make your home a haven for your family!


“It is around the FAMILY and the HOME that all the greatest virtues are created, strengthened and maintained.”

~Winston Churchill~

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