Time Flies Birthday Party


When you love to decorate and love Pinterest, and your first born turns one, you go ALL OUT!  I love having unique themes for birthday parties.  For my son’s First Birthday we did a “Time Flies” theme.  Time is flying by and what a cute reminder to stop and savor the moments! I chose to do Red and Blue color schemes.  Lil Man’s birthday is in May, so perfect weather for outside birthday parties!




Each year I pick a book for their birthday.  For Lil Man’s First Birthday it was Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to You!  All the guests write a note to him for him to look at for years to come!


Favors for the guests were bags filled with colors in the shape of airplanes and an airplane color page.


For each of the kids birthday party’s I try to get a cake topper that they can keep, for this one he got an Airplane!



This Propeller Props was so easy and turned out so cute!!! It  was a styrofoam square that I spray painted red, then hot glued a ribbon around it.  I spray painted a dowel rod blue, then used my Cameo to cut out the letting and the propellers on the suckers!


I love this Cake Stand!  You can change the ribbon out to match whatever theme you are using!!  The Spare Tires are chocolate covered donuts!



Everyone LOVES my Mother-In-Laws’ Rice Krispie Treats, apparently she adds some magic ingredients!  She used an airplane cookie cutter to cut these out.  The middle tray is Marshmallow Clouds–HOMEMADE Marshmallows (I’ll have to post about making those later) They are THE BEST!!!


My mother says that 1st Birthday Smash Cakes HAVE to be chocolate, it’s tradition!






Another super easy craft for the party!  I spray painted a clay pot red, stuck a round styrofoam ball in it and covered with blue crinkle cut paper.  Spray painted another dowel rod.  The “cloud” is another styrofoam ball with cotton balls hot-glued to it.  The airplane is one of the crayons that I had made on Etsy for the favors.

I absolutely loved creating this supper cut and fun theme!

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